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Splitboards - Unlocking the Backcountry Adventure

If you are interested in reconnecting with nature, avoiding long lift lines, and getting a great workout while riding, then touring is for you. At L9 Sports, we have everything you need to get you out enjoying the backcountry. This starts with a lightweight but fun and responsive Splitboard. Splitboards are built to meet the demands of going uphill, as well as downhill. They achieve this by literally splitting down the middle to create a pair of “skis” that work great for climbing.

How do Splitboards work?

Splitboards are two or more pieces that break down for hiking and are easily reassembled at the top of the hill so you can enjoy snowboarding all the way down. Most splitboards have small clamps to keep them together while riding, and the Split Bindings also help hold the board together. These boards are usually stiffer than a typical board because of the terrain that is accessed and to make the hike easier. Splitboard Bindings are specifically designed to be lightweight and to convert into a heel-free hiking binding and back into a regular snowboard binding. You can use regular Snowboard Bindings on a splitboard, but you are going to need a binding conversion set. You can use any Snowboard Boot with a splitboard. Just make sure the bindings you have are the right size for the boot’s size.

Splitboard Skins

In order to hike effectively in the backcountry, you will need to pair your splitboard with a pair of splitboard skins. Splitboard skins are covers for the base of your board that will enable the board to grip into the snow as you hike uphill. These skins have an adhesive that sticks to your bases and they are easily removable when you get to your destination at the top of your run. Your skins will need to be cut to fit your specific board, but you can do this yourself with a skin cutting tool, or bring them to your local shop for help. L9 Sports carries Montana Climbing Skins and accessories for their quality and durability.

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