Stay hydrated on the hill with Hydration Packs from Camelbak at L9 Sports
Your body needs water to perform at its best, and this is as true while skiing as anything else. L9 Sports has a wide range of Hydration Packs from Camelbak and Dakine so you can carry all the water you need for a day of skiing on your back. No more thirsty days or stopping every second run for a drink at the lodge water fountain. With specially designed hydration packs, you won’t even notice it’s there while you ski. These packs are made to be low profile, and stay close to your center of gravity, providing you with no distractions while you ski. A convenient, insulated tube (to prevent freezing) attaches to one of the straps of the pack so a drink is literally inches away at all times.

With all the selection, you can customize your needs and find the perfect hydration pack for you. Some of these packs are simply a place to store your water bladder, while others include pockets of varying sizes for car keys, a phone, snacks, or whatever else you might need. Grab one for the whole family and be at your best when you ski. Make sure you read the description of each individual pack you are considering to see what unique features are included. If you are unsure of which pack is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask the knowledgeable L9 staff through our chat or email options.

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