Race Skis - Skis for going fast and beating personal records at L9 Sports
Some skiers have a need for speed, and that’s where race skis come in. Race skis are going to be stiffer and narrower than most skis on the market. You will usually find metal plates incorporated into the cores of race skis to increase the stiffness and reduce chatter at high speeds. Often, race skis are specific to a racing discipline - Slalom, GS, Super G, or Downhill. Slalom skis are shorter, with huge sidecuts, so that tight, quick slalom turns are easy. As the gates get further apart, the skis get longer and the sidecut gets less pronounced. L9’s website lets you easily search by both width and length.

Race skis often also come equipped with a binding plate that is meant to raise your binding and foot above the ski so that carving is emphasized. If you add race boots to that scenario, then you will see results in your speed and carving ability. Race boots usually have a higher flex rating than freeride boots because a stiff boot will perform better at higher speeds. L9 Sports has a selection of race boots to help you improve your times and stay focused on the finish line. Remember, if you aren’t sure of any of this info or what you need, you can always talk to the staff at L9 through our chat or email options. Don’t forget to add a speed suit as well!

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