Snowblades - Short, easy to carry Skis for beginners to quickly learn carving
Snowblades are very short, wide skis that make learning the basics of skiing a little easier, and there is a lot less to carry. Not only are they shorter, snowbladers usually don’t use poles either.

TIf you want to enjoy a day out on the slopes with your family or friends, but are afraid that it might be too much, or too new for you, snowblades might be an option for you to consider, and at L9 Sports, we can help you make the decision.

How are snowblades different from skis?
Snowblades are much shorter than typical skis, and usually range between 90 and 110cm in length for adults. A typical ski length depends on the skier’s height, but for an adult man they usually range in size from 160 to 190cm, so you can see the difference in length (and ease of carrying back and forth to your car). Sometimes, snowblades have different bindings as well, but they are similar, and typical ski bindings work fine with them.

Snowblade Terrain
Snowblades work best on groomed trails at lower speeds. This is because they lack the stability and float of a longer ski. A longer ski acts as a snowshoe, using the surface area to keep you above deep, variable snow conditions. This is why snowblades are recommended for beginners only.

Advantages of Snowblades
Because they are so small, snowblades are easy to carry, and easy to control when you are just starting out on the hill. Sometimes, initiating turns on typical skis can be difficult for beginners because they are just getting the hang of leaning into the turn and pushing the ski. With snowblades, this is not a problem. So, if you want something that will act as a springboard for your early progression, snowblades might be for you. If you aren’t sure, remember you can always ask the helpful and knowledgeable staff at L9 Sports by using our chat or email options.

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