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Back again for the 2014 season is the Smith I/OS. Essentially a shrunken down version of the ever popular "IO", these goggles are a top notch choice for ladies. In classic IO fashion, these come with two lenses that can interchange insanely easily, come in a few pretty stylin' colors to match any outfit and never fog up. What more can you ask for? Once you go I/OS you'll never go back to a normal goggle.

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Smith LIFETIME Warranty: Yes, you read correctly. Smith stands by their product and will warranty any manufacturers defects for the lifespan of the product. Pretty sweet deal, especially for goggles and helmets. Check out more here: for full details.

More About Smith Optics: Want more information about Smith Optics Technologies? Visit our Learn Center!

More Information on Smith Lens Types: Learn More about the many different Smith lens options for different light conditions.

Bonus Blue Sensor Mirror: If you are looking for a lens for flat light, look no further. The sensor mirror has a light rose base tint with a mirrored layer that increases depth perception and color definition in flat light conditions.

Tapered Lens Technology: When light passes through a lens, it refracts. If left uncorrected, this refraction can cause visual distortion and eye fatigue. Smith TLT lenses focus incoming light rays towards the optical center of your eye, meaning you see a 100% accurate display with no funny business.

Vaporator Lens with Porex Filter: Patented technology found only in Smith goggles. The Porex filter allows air to transfer between the two lenses and the outside, but is completely water tight, which cuts down tremendously on between-the-lens fogging. Which is nice, because when you get moisture caught between the dual lenses in a set of goggles, thats usually your cue to get a new pair of goggles. These are better than that.

Carbonix-X Lens: The Carbonic-X lens offers maximum scratch and impact resistance and have been treated with Smith Fog-X anti-fog science. Carbonic-X lens meet Class 1 optical standards as well as ANSI Z87.1 standards. Which is a technobabble translation for: super legit.

Articulating Outrigger Position System: This is a long winded name for a technology that ensures even pressure across all points of your brow and face. When used with a helmet, the outrigger articulates, allowing the goggle frame to sink into the helmet face port, which means a more comfortable, more airtight seal between the helmet and goggles.

Quick Release Lens System: The lenses of these goggles can be quickly swapped in and out simply by popping a few plastic tabs. This is great for hardcore skiers that change lens types during the course of a single day.

Spherical Lens: The lens of this goggle reduces the distortion of images because of the spherical shape. When a piece of plastic is flexed in one dimension, the images becomes tall and skinny, similar to beer goggles. But when plastic is formed into a spherical shape, the distortion is minimized.

Helmet compatible: The strap is longer to fit around helmets, as well as hats, without stretching it to the max. Helmet compatible goggles also try to place the adjustment clips off center to not interfere with goggle clips that are on the back of most helmets. The shape of the frame also sits well with most brands of helmets.

Double Layer Lens: These goggles have a double layer lens, designed to reduce or eliminate the 'fogging' inside the goggles when there are quick changes in temperature. A layer of foam along the edge cushions the lenses for durability and to get a little bit of air and moisture movement.

Grip strap: The strap on these goggles has a silicone band on the inside that grips helmets, hats, or hair so they don't slide around and fall off. It is so effective that it makes goggle clips on helmets obsolete.

100% UVA/UVB Radiation Protection: Optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, so you can ski in the bright sun all day without frying your eyes!

Dual Position Clip: The strap can unclip and be positioned forward or aft on the goggle's side. This helps customize the fit for helmet or hat wearers.

Goggle bag: A soft cloth bag is included with these goggles to protect them from damage while traveling. The bags double as lens cleaners, but use very little pressure and its always a good idea to test in the corner of the lens before you figure out that the cloth is dirty and it just scratched up your nice goggles.

Additional Info

Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2014
Frame Size Medium
Lens Shape Spherical (Round)
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
SKU 28605
Country of Manufacturer United States
Warranty Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

Product Questions

Product Questions

I have a nose with a relatively wide bridge which makes goggles not sit right. Is there a brand or specific goggle size that I should be looking for?
DO these goggles come with an extra lens?
Hi, is this goggle polarised? If not, what is the equivalent Smith polarised goggle? Thanks, Rose
Hi What additional lense comes with the Black Red Secor Mirror?
Will you be getting more of the white with blackout lens in this season?


Very elegant looking with high-quality lenses.Review by Spiff
Got them for my girlfriend. They fit perfect with her Smith helmet. Lenses are great especially in flat light. Changing lenses is very easy. No problem with fogging. Very clean frameless look. (Posted on 12/31/2015)
Great goggles for small facesReview by Nutkin
These goggles work great for my 10-year old daughter as her first full size goggles. Excellent service from Level Nine. (Posted on 12/28/2015)
Easy to switch lens, Good lookingReview by Erin
I bought these goggles in the beginning of last season these are great goggles overall although they have a few problems, the lenses got wet and scratched only after a few uses, so now im going to have to call smith or buy a replacement lens. Sometimes they can leave a mark on my forehead but thats not a big deal. I can say that they never fog and are very comfortable and fit my small face and being able to switch out the lens is nice. Good goggles overall! (Posted on 10/7/2015)
Fantastic goggles!Review by Mc
Location: Pa
Found level nine sports accidentally searching the web and I'm so glad I did! My iOS Goggles came within a few days of ordering and they're absolutely fantastic crystal-clear and fit perfectly with the Smith helmet I ordered at the same time, both for a great price. The goggles definitely have more of a red tint than you can tell in the picture and go perfectly with my red helmet! (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Smith great. levelnine, not so muchReview by KT
Pros: fit, 2 lenses
Location: Johnson City, TN
Ordered 2 pairs of Smith I/Os for myself and a friend. Order arrived from levelnine on time and we're packaged well. Because I knew I would be flying on a ski vacation, I decided to leave them packaged for flight. Once we arrived in Colorado, I unbound the goggles. One pair was indeed new in the box with all Smith paperwork etc. The other pair, however, we're an obvious returned item. No paperwork or packaging. The lenses had been switched out and had fingerprints on both lenses. The elastic goggle strap had been over stretched and was pulled. The I/Os are awesome goggles. Both lenses are clear and offer an excellent field of vision. The low light lense really brings out contour in flat light. I am disappointed with my first purchase for levelnine. I could have purchased used goggles from a gearswap page somewhere for half of what I paid from levelnine. (Posted on 3/21/2015)
AwesomeReview by Hayley
Pros: Clear
Cons: The goggles stick out a bit
Location: Ohio
Great overall. Wish I had more lenses (Posted on 2/18/2015)

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