Smith 2014 I/OX Turbo OTG Goggles w/Bonus Lens

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The Smith I/OX Turbo Fan is THE best possible choice for glasses wearers. For one, the I/OX frames are quite large are designed as "Over-the-glasses" so they fit many different sizes of glasses in the goggle no problem. This model also features interchangeable lenses with a bonus lens included for great vision in any light conditions. The icing on the cake though, is the turbo fan fog eliminating system which has two speeds and is so quiet and lightweight, you won't even notice it. You no longer have to worry about your glasses fogging because your goggles are fogging or vice versa, just blast that fan and you'll be singing "I can see clearly now, the fog is gone!" or something like that...
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SKU 30727

Product Questions

Product Questions

do these goggles come with a photcromic extra lens
I cannot see any details regarding the bonus lens. Do we get to specify which lens we would like as a bonus ?
Can I get these with a photochromic lens? -Smith 2014 I/OX Turbo OTG Goggles w/Bonus Lens -GREEN FRAME
So if I order it with the red sensor mirror lens, what is the 2nd lens? One for brighter days?
I'm interested in this Smith Optics I/OX Elite Turbo Fan Goggle with a BLACK FRAME and the IGNITOR and BLACKOUT lens. What does Levelnine Sports have to offer?
Can you tell me more about the bonus Lens that comes with these? I may be asking stupid question but I am after goggles for low light and bonus sunny. Do we get to same place with this.
Do you have the "Blue Sensor Mirror" lens available for the Smith I/OX Turbo goggles?...thanks.


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