Smith 2015 Challenger OTG Junior Goggles

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The Smith Challenger OTG is the perfect little goggle for all those junior rippers out there. If they wear glasses, then these are designed to fit over them! The Challenger is super affordable, which is great because when these goggles aren't on their face, they will be bobbing around hanging off of their helmet. They have a Smith's Gold or RC36 lenses which both work well in low light and some sunny conditions. Simply choose their favorite color and they'll be flying down the hill in no time!

Smith LIFETIME Warranty: Yes, you read correctly. Smith stands by their product and will warranty any manufacturers defects for the lifespan of the product. Pretty sweet deal, especially for goggles and helmets. Check out more here: for full details.

More About Smith Optics: Want more information about Smith Optics Technologies? Visit our Learn Center!

More Information on Smith Lens Types: Learn More about the many different Smith lens options for different light conditions.

Kid's One-Size-Fits-All Fit: These goggles have small, child size frames that fit comfortable on the smaller faces of children. This goggle will be too small for adults and older kids, but perfect for the youngins.

Gold Lite Lens: The Gold Lite lens is found mostly in the junior goggles here at Level Nine, but there are some adult models that also have it. A nice multi-purpose lens for moderately bright to flat light conditions, the Gold Lite lens filers reflected blue light in order to improve contrast, shadow definition, and depth perception.

OTG - Over The Glasses: This model of goggles are designed to allow the user to wear their prescription glasses and the goggles at the same time. Large eyeglass frames sometimes fit less elegantly, but pretty much all glasses are compatible with this goggle. OTG goggles are great even for those without glasses, the larger frame size provides great field of vision.

Helmet compatible: The strap is longer to fit around helmets, as well as hats, without stretching it to the max. Helmet compatible goggles also try to place the adjustment clips off center to not interfere with goggle clips that are on the back of most helmets. The shape of the frame also sits well with most brands of helmets.

Double Layer Lens: These goggles have a double layer lens, designed to reduce or eliminate the 'fogging' inside the goggles when there are quick changes in temperature. A layer of foam along the edge cushions the lenses for durability and to get a little bit of air and moisture movement.

Soft Face Foam: Soft, hypoallergenic foam is used for all the foam that contacts the face. This foam helps create a seal to keep the elements in their place.

Grip strap: The strap on these goggles has a silicone band on the inside that grips helmets, hats, or hair so they don't slide around and fall off. It is so effective that it makes goggle clips on helmets obsolete.

100% UVA/UVB Radiation Protection: Optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, so you can ski in the bright sun all day without frying your eyes!


Gender Boy's, Girl's
Frame Size Junior
Lens Shape Cylindrical (Flat)
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
SKU 35399
Country of Manufacturer United States
Warranty Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

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