Women’s Salomon, DC, K2, 32 & Other Top Snowboard Boot Brands for Sale
Women's Snowboard Boots are an important piece of equipment for any rider. Snowboard boots are the piece that directly connects to your body, where all the power comes from. While snowboard boots may look like your average boot, they pack a lot of comfort and performance technology into that unassuming package. There are a number of things to consider when purchasing snowboard boots, including the size and flexibility of the boot. As with all women's snowboard equipment, you must also consider what kind of riding you are planning to do with your boots.

Fastening your liner and your shell
Snowboard boots have two major parts - a liner and a shell. Both parts have different ways to fasten them depending on the boot. Many boots use typical laces, but there are also BOA lacing systems that use a cable connected to a dial that is easy to twist, as well as various other proprietary lacing systems. If you have a preference, make sure you check the boot description so that you will be able to get what you need. If you don’t have a preference, then try some out and see what you like.

Snowboard Boot Liners
Snowboard Boot liners are where the fit and comfort come from in your snowboard boot. Most of these can be heat molded at a shop so that you can get the perfect fit and performance. Unlike ski boots, snowboard boots usually use typical US shoe sizing.

Snowboard Boot Shells
The shell of the snowboard boot is where you will get most of the stiffness and performance from your boot. Like snowboards, most snowboard boots are made for a specific kind of riding. If you aren’t sure, read the description of the boot and it will usually help you determine what that boot is made for. Remember, if you aren’t sure of any of this info, or what you need, you can always talk to the staff at L9 through our chat or email options.

Remember, getting your own equipment will go a long way towards your learning, fun and happiness on the mountain. L9 also has put together a number of Women's Snowboard Packages, which are complete setups with boots, bindings and a board, if that is something you might be interested in.

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