Snowjam Glow Stick Snowboard Bindings

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The SJ Glow Stick is a solid lightweight binding that we offer in a few different bright colors. The Glow stick offers Snowjam's tool less forward lean adjustment which you can do on the go very easily. This binding offers ample padding on the high back, toe, heel and ankle strap and it even has a cap toe strap for maximum hold in the binding. There is a lot of adjustment in the straps so you can really dial in your fit without much fuss at all. This is a great binding for beginners to advanced riders who don't want to spend half their paycheck on their bindings.

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Generic Snowboard Binding Sizing
Size Men (US) Women (US) Junior (US)
XS - - to size adult 6
XS/S - - to size adult 6
S 4-8 5-8 to size adult 6
S/M 6-10 5-8 -
M 6-10 7-11 -
M/L 9-13 7-11 -
L 10-13 8+ -
L/XL 10-13 - -
XL 10+ - -




Impact pads: Foam or rubber pads on the top side of the baseplate installed to cushion harsh landings and bumpy terrain. They smooth out the ride and make a more comfortable ride.

1 Piece Baseplate: This baseplate eliminates some of the fuss of extra parts for adjustments that most people don't touch anyway. Also, one piece means fewer things that can go wrong and it will be lighter than multiple piece baseplates.

4 Hole Disc: This binding has the standard 4 hole pattern to fit any snowboard, except Burton.

EVA Ankle strap: EVA foam on the ankle strap that conforms to the shape of the boot in this critical area.

EVA Toe strap: EVA foam covers the toe strap of this binding to allow molding to the boot, and to add cushion.

Adjustable Forward Lean: Adjust the position of the highback for more flexibility for freestyle, or more forward to get better performance at high speed.

UTS Toe Strap: (Universal Toe Strap) This strap can be used as a standard over-the-toe strap, or as a toe cap style strap.

Additional Info

Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2013
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
SKU 30213
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

Product Questions

Product Questions

Are the ratchets made of metal on these bindings?
How easy is it to mount these on a board at home using your own tools?
It says 'not for Burton' but it has a universal mount. I have put other universal mount bindings on Burton before. What's the difference?
The size says medium and description says men's 4-8.5, but the sizing chart link has medium fitting larger boot size up to 11 for medium and 4-8 for small. What is the largest boot size it will fit?


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