TecnoPro TC 45 Children's Ski Bindings

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The TecnoPro TC 45 is a differently branded version of the Atomic Evox 45. We wanted to let you know right off the bat in case you weren't familiar with the TecnoPro brand. This binding has a DIN range that goes from .5-4.5 and is intended for junior skiers who are just starting out. This binding is lightweight and will serve the kids well and release whenever necessary. Just make sure to have us or your local shop make the proper adjustments before heading out on the slopes.

Din range: .5-4.5
Skier weight range: <120lbs
Weight (both bindings): 1060g
Boot Lift (toe/heel): 14/14mm

Adult or Child Boot Compatibility: This binding will allow the use of either Adult or Child labeled boots, which normally change between the 22.5 and 23.0 mondo sizes. This means you don't have to buy new bindings when your young one outgrows the size 22 boots and moves to size 23 boots. Automatic adjustment or a tab under the toe of the binding makes this adjustment, and your local ski technician can take the 15 seconds to show you.

Automatic Wing Adjustment: The toe of this binding automatically adjusts to the slightly different width among ski boots. This means it is one less adjustment to fuss with. Just step into the binding and go skiing.

Duracoating: A protective seal on the binding to help reduce wear for looks and performance.

Composite Materials: The parts of the binding that need to be metal are made of steel, but the majority of the binding is a superdense, superlight plastic composite material. This gives the binding the ruggedness of a more metallic binding, without all the added weight.

What is TecnoPro?: TecnoPro is the same as Firefly! Which is a European ski brand that has their skis manufactured in the Elan Skis Factory in Slovenia. This factory churns out some of the most well built and durable skis available in the world today. TecnoPro's mission is to bring quality and "cool" to the masses at a low price, which they did quite well actually. With TecnoPro, you are ready to find your own playground. Anything to be authentic; anything to be yourself! We all are TecnoPro.


Gender Boy's, Girl's
Adjustable No
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Bindings Boot Compatible Child, Adult
SKU 33857
Country of Manufacturer Slovenia
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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