Volkl Nanuq Touring Skis 2017

The Nunaq touring skis from Volkl balance the uphill with the down. SkinPin technology lets you insert a pin type skin into their tip, which is lighter and more secure than hoops that go over the tip of the ski. Their relatively trim 96mm underfoot platform cuts the fat while leaving just enough width with descents in mind. To keep the weight of the ski down without sacrificing binding retention, Volkl uses their Woodcore Light technology that is made from beech and poplar. Light is right when you're draggin yourself up a few thousand vertical to get the goods. Though each ski weighs just 1490g each in the 170cm length, they still have burly edges and full sidewalls. What that means in skiing terms is they have kept the heart of a performance downhill ski in the Nunaq because nobody likes to ski epic backcountry lines on a noodley ski, right?

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Ski Sizing
Height (in) Beginner (cm) Intermediate (cm) Advanced (cm)
3'-3'1" 65-74 - -
3'2"-3'3" 75-79 - -
3'4"-3'6" 80-84 - -
3'7"-3'8" 85-94 - -
3'9"-3'10" 95-104 105-109 -
3'11"-4' 105-109 110-114 115-119
4'1"-4'2" 110-114 115-119 120-124
4'3"-4'4" 115-119 120-124 125-129
4'5"-4'6" 120-124 125-129 130-134
4'7"-4'8" 125-129 130-134 135-139
4'9"-4'11" 130-134 135-139 140-144
5'-5'1" 135-139 140-144 145-149
5'2"-5'3" 140-144 145-149 150-159
5'4"-5'5" 145-149 150-154 155-165
5'6"-5'7" 150-154 155-159 160-169
5'8"-5'9" 155-159 160-164 165-175
5'10"-6' 160-164 165-169 170-185
6'1"-6'2" 165-169 170-174 180-195
6'3"-6'4" 170-174 175-185 190-200
6'6" + 180 + 185 + 200 +

This chart provides a range of sizes suffice for skiers based on their height and ability level. Remember, there are lots of different styles of skis these days, so even though the ski fits into your size range, it may not be the ski for you. Use our Ski Selector if you have any doubts or questions, for a more catered list of skis that will make you the best skier on the mountain.



  • Reported Weight: 1490g per ski @170cm

Sidewall Construction: Full Sidewall/Sandwich skis are more rigid and great at dampening vibrations when riding at high speeds.

Multi Layer Wood Core Light: A combination of poplar and beech wood combines lightweight properties with durability underfoot for binding screw retention. Wood is the lightest and snappiest core material out there. That means "pop" lar wood is named aptly named, right?

SkinPin Touring Technology: Volkl Touring models feature the Skin Pin system. The skin is affixed to the ski's tip using a built-in pin. One 90-degree rotation and it's attached. The result is a 100% reliable mount. The system can be checked visually from above, ensuring that the skier has complete control at all times. In a pinch, the hole in the ski tip can also be used to convert the skins into a rescue toboggan or a sled.

Additional Info

Ability Level Advanced, Expert
Gender Men's
Terrain Type All Mountain, Powder
Model Year 2017
Waist Width Range 90-99mm
Includes Ski Bindings No
Twin Tip No
Rocker Type Camber
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Core Wood
Construction Sandwich
Base Sintered
Country of Manufacturer Germany
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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