Yakima Sparetime Bike Rack

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Have Jeep or something similar with a Spare Tire on the rear of your car? Well, there's a Rack for that! The Sparetime Bike Rack was designed to secure to your spare tire and hold your bikes tightly. This rack fits nearly any size spare tire and attaches tool free with a universal mounting plate that has an extension to fit most lug patterns on the tire. A locking cable is also included so you can lock the bikes to the rack and not worry about theft while on a road trip. The best feature though are the integrated bottle openers on the end of each post, they will definitely come in handy!

There is a locking cable included with this rack so you can lock your bikes to the rack to deter theft and have piece of mind when traveling.

Universal mounting plate with extension fits most lug patterns. Yakima makes things easy, just how they should be.

The Anti-Sway Cradles hold your bikes in place so they don't bash into eachother when you roll over a speedbump.

On each end of the rack, there are built in bottle openers for those apres ride beers or sodas. Obviously, this is the most important feature on this rack.

The Tool Free Locking Knob attatches the rack to your car quickly and easily.

Fits wide range of tires including oversized truck tires (P195 to P318).


Model Year 2015
SKU 37752
International Availability-Prices USD United States
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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