Yakima Tubetop Top Tube Adapter

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Do you have a bike with a funky shaped top tube on the frame? Most ladies specific cruiser bikes are curved or drop down and tend not to fit too well on Mast style/Trunk bike racks. Well Yakima was tired of hearing about this problem and came up with a solution. The Tubetop Adapter clips on the seatpost and stem, creating a straight top tube on any bike so it will rest perfectly on the rack. The Tube's length is adjustable so it will fit many different sizes of bike.

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Keeps your bike mounted solidly on single and dual arm mounts

Oversized diameter tubing and anti-rotation inserts for greater stability

Large molded collars are gentle with your bike stem and seat post

Installs quickly and securely to your seat post and stem to adapt a wide range of bikes for transport.

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