Yakima Fairing Rack Accessory

SKU: 37738
Installing roof racks to your car can cause some wind drag and unwanted noise when your cruising down the highway and the Wind Fairing Accessory will aid in reducing that. This piece deflects wind up and over the rack which will reduce noise and drag which will improve your gas mileage quite a bit. The Fairing clips onto round crossbars and there are a couple different sizes available depending on the type or car/rack you have. Plus its also another spot to slap some stickers on as well!

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This Accessory is only compatible with round crossbars only.

This accessory moves wind up and over the rack to reduce noise and drag which will also improve your gas mileage.

Additional Info

Model Year 2015
SKU 37738
International Availability-Prices USD United States
Country of Manufacturer Taiwan
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty